Wynwood’s Must-See Murals 

Nothing says Wynwood like the larger-than-life art that covers every inch of its buildings, sidewalks and signs. But with so much to see here, it’s hard to know where the very coolest stuff is—even when it’s 30+ times your size and staring you in the face. That’s why we made this short list—with a bonus map at the end—to help you find what no real street-art-lover should miss.


Felipe Pantone (@felipepantone) at The LAB Miami

Felipe Pantone Wynwood The LAB

Argentinian-born Felipe Pantone combines bold colors, geometric patterns and Op Art elements to liven up our streets—and our spirits. The LAB’s members can especially appreciate this bright, visual pick-me-up as they come and go from the shared workspace each day.

Where to find it: 400 NW 26th St


Zed1’s Size is No Measure of Greatness 

Zed1 Size is no measure of greatness

Internationally-known street muralist, ZED1 (@zed1_marco)—also known by his human name, Marco Burresi—enchants Miami with his distinctly whimsical puppet figure art.

Where to find it: 498 NW 24th St


Nanuk by Sonny Sundancer

Sonny Nanuk Mural in Wynwood

South Africa’s British-born Sonny Sundancer (@sonnysundancer) has us stopping in our tracks every time we lay eyes on his cosmically cool 26 x 10m creation.

Where to find it: 375 NW 23rd St

Miami Art Week ‘18 bad-assery by Sofles

Sofles Wynwood Art Week Murals

We can’t get enough of this piece by Australian graffiti artist, @Sofles—who brought his mind-bending talent from the land down under to leave us with this unbelievable imagery during Miami Art Basel 2018.

Where to find it: 333 NW 23rd St


The soaring kitten

The Space Soaring Cat at Fun Dimension Wynwood

We’re over the moon too every time we see this fun work of art created during Miami Art Week in 2016 by @Muckrock and @Catlintheartist.

Where to find it: 2135 NW 1st Ct


Wynwood Arcade Murals

Wynwood Arcade Murals

Miami-known, Los Angeles-based artist—Tristan Eaton— created this architecturally-enhanced masterpiece(s) in 2016 for us to feast our eyes on. Bonus: you’ll find it sweetly located just steps away from Wynwood’s beloved Salty Donut.

Where to find it: 50 NW 24th St


Weerdo and the sailor

Weerdo Mural in Wynwood

We love this weerdly cool collaboration between skilled street artists: @Weerdo1994, @Godsandgoodfellas and @Mutavision.

Where to find it: 3098 N Miami Ave


The swimming elephant at Wood Tavern

The Elephant at the Wood Tavern

Wynwood locals know this one well. Though we don’t have any backstory on it—just that it’s signed by Zefáno—we do know that this serenely disturbing vision of an elephant swimming through littered waters is both sobering and intriguing. 

Where to find it: 2531 NW 2nd Ave


Last but not least. Bruno Smoky & Shalak Atack (Clandestinos) at the Wynwood Shop.

Shalak Attack at the Wynwood Shop

We love our friends from Toronto, Canada. The married duo created these pieces in December 2017 for Miami Art Week. Now they are instilled within the Wynwood Shop for all our visitors to enjoy.

Ready to see it all for yourself? Here’s that map we promised for your mural musing pleasure. Now just don’t forget your camera!

Wynwood Best Murals Map by Wynwood Shop



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