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365 days later and counting, we’re still changing the game for Wynwood and its artists… and we’re taking this occasion as an opportunity to say thank you to our loyal supporters, for inspiring us to push on and continue pursuing our passions not only day after day – but now year after year.
 In celebration of our 1st anniversary, we’re looking back at how it all began, reflecting on what an incredible year it’s been, and recognizing our phenomenal family of brands and artists – whose incredible works and dedication have made all of this possible.
  Wynwood Shop Outdoors Bruno Smoky Shalak Attack 
Out from the alley and into the AC!  One year later…
Wynwood Alley Wynwood Shop Outdoors
Just one year ago, we underwent a transformation of epic proportions. After 3 years as a monthly street market known for unique, one-of-a-kind art, fashion, and artisanal finds, the decision was made to pack up the tents and tables and bring the fun inside. And just like that, our beloved Wynwood Alley was reborn as Wynwood Shop. 
Wynwood Shop Indoor First Day Wynwood Shop First Day
On May 12th, 2017 we officially became a fully operational brick & mortar shop and gallery. But even more importantly, we emerged as a permanent fixture of the Wynwood landscape – an achievement both hard-earned and long-awaited. And in these past 12 months, so many good things have happened since we first opened our doors that we can’t help but be excited for what this next year will bring.
Wynwood Shop Alley Group Photo
While some things have remained unchanged, like our Wynwood Alley days and nights of Art Walk every second Saturday, other opportunities for artistic collaboration and entrepreneurial elevation came about. We added Wine & Shop Thursday to our calendar of monthly, regularly-scheduled fun. And from live band performances to yoga works, to live painting sessions and model castings, to graffiti and wood-carving classes – our mission to be inclusive and impactful has only gained more traction. 
Wynwood Shop Yoga Wynwood Shop Gallery Violin 
Cultivating the Wynwood culture – individually & together 
Long before the inception of Wynwood Alley, there was a collaborative movement underway in the community. Local artists and independent designers and brands from all over Miami began connecting and promoting each other, creating bigger and better ways to gain exposure for themselves and their work. And Wynwood Shop is not just a result of that movement – but rather a physical representation of that collective vision that its founders – Diana and Felipe Gonzalez – helped realize.
Wynwood Shop Owners Diana and Felipe With Clandestinos, Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack
Wynwood Shop owners Felipe (far left) and Diana (far right) with toronto-based artists, Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack
It is a fact that 20% of new, small businesses fail in their first year. That means that roughly 2 out of every 10 businesses that open their doors are closing them right back up within their first 12 months. But despite that harsh reality, Wynwood Shop has thrived against the odds. We believe this is not just because of our good fortune in real estate. There’s really no denying that we're lucky as hell to be set up in one of the highest pedestrian traffic areas in Miami and most visited tourist destinations in the world. But that’s not the only reason why we’re still going strong.
Wynwood Shop Clandestinos Wynwood Shop Indoors
No – we’ve made it to this point by staying true to the movement which helped build Wynwood in the first place. And that has only been possible thanks to the incredible passion and dedication of the talented individuals – our loyal employees and the more than 50 local brands, designers, and artists that have come together to make Wynwood Shop one of the best places to shop in Miami.
Wynwood Shop Group Photo with Vendors Wynwood Shop Group With Vendors
We shape Wynwood and Wynwood shapes us
This culture of collaboration seems to only continue to flourish and strengthen in numbers. So now we’re seeing that same collective power that made The Wynwood Walls and events like Wynwood Art Walk as popular as they are, is now doing the same for us. As time goes on, our shop is evolving into another of Wynwood’s landmarks. 
Day after day, tour guides and busses filled with tourists and students from all over the nation – and the world – are flooding through our doors, checking out the one-of-a-kind works of our local creators, spreading the word and taking a piece of Wynwood home with them – wherever that may be. And almost magically, what was once just a street-market-turned-store has evolved into a remarkably special space that transcends the land on which it sits. 
Wynwood Shop Outdoors
What’s next
Looking back at the past year shows us many things. But most of all, it shows us that no matter what happens as a business – we have been part of something profound. We are humbled by our first year’s accomplishments, and that we’ve played a role in giving the talented people in our community an opportunity and a platform to share their gifts with Miami – and the world. 
On May 12, 2018, we’re partnering with Miami Midtown Magazine, Concrete Beach Brewery, Wynwood Whiskey and Deep Eddy Vodka for one-year anniversary party – and together with our good friends and neighbors, we’ll celebrate not just our first year, but all that we’re looking forward to next.


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