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Min-Min by Brunosmoky

Designer: Wynwood Shop

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A print of a beautiful mural by Brunosmoky of Clandestinos in Miami, Florida. The mural is one of three outside of The Wynwood Shop. 

The piece is based on a boy named Min-Min that was bought from his family as a young boy to because a slave fisherman in Malaysia.

Print without the mat-board is 11x14 on 12pt semigloss card stock paper

Print with the mat-board is 5x7 on an 8x10 mat-board. 

SHIPPING: If item is ordered before or during store hours, we’ll ship out the next business day. Items ordered after store hours, we’ll ship within 2 business days. For expedited shipments, please place your order during store hours to ensure timely delivery. Can also be picked up in store. Please notify in your cart notes if you intend to pick up, and on which date you intend to pick up.