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Words For Lips Too Busy Kissing - Poetry Book

Designer: Cynthia Gomez

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This book is one big confession. A neat drawer for the extensive mess in my head. An attempt to contain the explosion in my chest. It is every word I have ever left unsaid in fear of actually being heard. The love letter that I never sent. The ending that I never wrote. A heartfelt apology to the ones I never meant to hurt. It is every kiss I couldn’t give and every last embrace I never thought I’d always miss.

WORDS FOR LIPS TOO BUSY KISSING is just that- an intimate collection of poetry that articulates what most of us wish we could say if our affections weren’t always getting in the way of our better judgement. In this book, I reflect on my own personal experiences to bring you a poetry book like none before it. My writing style blends rhythmical compositions, aesthetic layouts and carefully chosen diction to bring readers a tangible sense of resolution in the midst of so much confusion.

Premium, Perfect Bound Paperback
Dimensions: 7in x 9in

© Copyrighted by Human Writes